I Was Bullied. Bullies in Business, Part 1

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As most of you know, I have a radio network – Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network. Fairly soon after the launch, a former coach/colleague/mastermind leader – someone I thought I could look up to, learn from and who for all intent and purpose had communicated nothing but enthusiasm and support for this endeavor – sent me their version of a “cease and desist” email. No phone call, no conversation just “… please stop contacting my mastermind clients about doing a radio show on your network… As you already know I have a radio network…” (Yes, I’m paraphrasing. Yes, I’m leaving parts of the email out. No, I’m not telling you who this is.)

Fundamentally and at a cellular level I am so disappointed in this person’s behavior. When you’re out there promoting, teaching, mentoring and “masterminding” for the growth and development of others it is imperative that your internal dialogue not be, “I’m here to help you shine your light, just don’t shine brighter than mine.”

I too am saddened by this person’s vision and perception of a universe that is so potentially filled with lack and limitation that my success somehow takes from them – whether taking clients, resources, food off their table, I’m not sure exactly what their thought is. I just know that my universe, my world, is so filled with abundance that when you win, when you succeed, when you get what you want in your world, it creates more for me too. I accept that into my life too!

As a coach, mentor, teacher, and mastermind leader I am here to celebrate your successes and am grateful to have walked part of that path with you. I may not dance and clap and shout for my own successes (I am an introvert after all) but you bet your ass I’m going to be doing it for you and yours! I say, “Shine your light with all your might!”

Psychic and Medium Lisa Williams taught me something very valuable in a training I did with her about five or six years ago. She was asked why she was out there teaching people how to be psychic, how to be a medium. The person who asked was concerned about Lisa creating competition in her field. Her response was so simple and so honest: “There’s more than enough dead people to go around!”

Understand, that is my philosophy about everything – there is more than enough to go around!

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