My Lesson in Aging Gracefully

beauty concept skin aging. anti-aging proceduresI have amazing genetics and I have almost no stress in my life. Combine that with staying out of the sun for the last 30 years, and I don’t look my age. I recall getting carded when buying a round of beers the night before I turned 40. The bartender was instantly awarded BFF status in my world, which was great until I handed her my license. She then waltzed it around the bar showing everyone the photo and saying, “Can you believe how OLD she is?!” From that moment forward she was no longer my BFF.

The week before my birthday this year, I got carded again. Now I realize I do not look 21 so I asked the bartender what their threshold was – under 40, 35, 30? Her response was under 35. I damn near kissed her on the lips! I turned 48 this year. My husband asked if I’d be sharing these stories at any opportunity I could. My response: I’ll be telling these stories in the nursing home.

Aging is a tough thing for women. Our culture values youth. And men simply don’t have the same pressures that we do. I’m becoming aware that I am aging. While I continue to celebrate birthdays, the aging process is something that I intend to battle to my last breath. Not just how I look but how I feel and how I behave as well.

My hair is beginning to turn “platinum” which is only a problem every fifth or sixth week thanks to my wonderful colorist. And as I look in the mirror, gravity has begun to take its toll. I don’t have major deep wrinkles, but I am getting fine lines around my eyes.

After doing some research I’ve decided to try three different “face-saving” options. I’m not one who is going to rule out plastic surgery if I think it’ll make a difference. But if I can put that option off as a last resort, then great!

FlexEffect. This program is based on facial muscle building, resistance, cross stretching and some other proprietary facial training options. It’s exercise to build and sculpt facial muscles. This one is the least invasive of the three options. I tried a few exercises already and could feel a difference.

NuFace Trinity. This is microcurrent technology – facial muscle exercise done passively. And yes I bought the optional accessories for eyes and wrinkle reduction. After using this for about two weeks (I’ve stuck with this a little longer than the FlexEffect because it was easier to do) my nasolabial fold – also known as marionette lines – was pulled tighter, and not as obvious.

Derma Roller. Well, I’ll be honest, I bought it. I opened the package. I read the instructions. I put it back in the package and put it under the bathroom sink. It’s there … waiting. I haven’t been able to bring myself to do this. I’ve read the reviews, and people are getting great results with this. I had a needle phobia for most of my life. I can’t quite wrap my head around 600 to 1200 micro-needles piercing my skin on purpose.

I’m going to keep up on the NuFace Trinity and add more of the FlexEffect facial exercises and at some point I promise to try the Derma Roller. I’ll keep you posted.

What exactly are you willing to do to suffer for beauty and the ability to age gracefully?

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